Kekec’s meat products are the result of our efforts, knowledge, and infrastructure improvements. Only the best pieces of meat are used to produce them. We only use the meat of Slovenian origin. Pork mostly comes from the Goriška Brda region, where the pigs are fed clover and pumpkins. Kekec's meat products are smoked using beech tree firewood from the woods around Kranjska Gora while fresh Kranjska Gora air adds the final touch.

All our products are 100 % natural and homemade. Just like our grandparents used to make them – and this is reflected in their superior taste.

An offer of Kekec’s meat products


The prosciutto is the king of cold cuts, made from a pig’s hind leg. Only pigs that are meaty enough are used to produce it since, during the process of drying and maturing, the prosciutto loses as much as 30 % of moisture and subsequently, its volume and mass.

Handpicked pigs from the Goriška Brda region, salt, a bit of smoke and the winds of Kranjska Gora. 12 months later, nothing more is needed for us to be able to enjoy the taste that speaks for itself.


After a short period of smoking and air-drying, the most beautiful pieces of beef top round become bresaola, also called beef prosciutto. You will be thrilled over its natural color and smell!

Our tip? For a truly gourmet experience, try it on the rocket with Parmigiano cheese and olive oil.


We smoke and air-dry pork’s leg, just as we would do to make mature prosciutto. Then, at just the right moment, we cook it on our wood-burning stove, called šporget. Thus, the meat acquires the desired effect of freshness and a genuine taste of cooked prosciutto.

Tender, soft and juicy, we prefer it with just fresh bread. Excellent additions are horseradish and a glass of red wine.


Kekec’s homemade bacon is made from the pieces of pork side/belly. To make perfect bacon, we are particularly careful to select those pieces of meat that have the most ideal possible ratio between meat and fat. Smoked and cured bacon is a must when cooking. You can add it to stews and cook the perfectly crispy bacon for your breakfast or pasta sauces, or you can add that savory touch to different salads.


Made from pork shoulder and pieces of bacon, hand-stuffed into casing made from genuine sheep intestine – just like in the old days.

Half-dried and smoked Kekec’s homemade sausages are ideal for making various stews to which they add a wonderful aroma.


The chop is a piece of meat from the pig’s back while the neck is self-explanatory. They predominantly differ in the texture of the meat; the neck is usually marbled with fat while the chop is a piece of lean meat. You can enjoy them amongst the homemade cold cuts in the company of your loved ones but they are also excellent in sandwiches and stews.

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